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2020 Kitchen Design Trends!

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Black Kitchen inspiration


With the new year fast approaching, it’s time for us to look ahead to the design trends forecast for 2020 and we are absolutely loving them! If you are embarking on a kitchen redesign in 2020 there are plenty of stunning interior design trends to inspire you! We have created a report of all the design trends we are loving for the year ahead!



Black is back, 2018 and 2019 saw many kitchen designs introducing the darker color palette with dark navy and dark greens, but 2020 will see black becoming the new neutral! Black is often over looked as an accent color and many people are intimidated by black but combined with the right lighting, rustic rich woods, shades of grey, rich browns and metallic finishes this design trend not only looks classic, timeless and elegant but it’s also stylish too!



Return of marble

Marble kitchen

Strongly veined marbles are making a come back, the busier the better! Marbles not only look great on a worktop but also on kitchen cabinet and floor tiles! The marble look can also be used in a subtle way as a splash back or accessories! We have to admit marble does bring a huge element of luxury and class to any space!



Out of fashion for a while, Wood is enjoying a bit of a come back! Natural wood textures with grains and knots like oak, walnut and maple look absolutely stunning combined with matte black, concrete and quarts giving a warm natural feel to an otherwise cold color palette!


Statement sink and taps

2018 saw rose gold become popular especially in taps but towards the middle of 2019 saw the rise in other materials such as copper, brass, pewter and matte black this trend in going to continue into 2020 with more suppliers widening the range of stunning statement taps and sinks available! We are absolutely loving the new quooker matte black tap, stunning, stylish and timeless and just a few of the words I would use to describe this incredible tap!



Black Quooker  Gold sink

Metal shelving

Metal open shelving will become a popular kitchen trend for 2020, whilst open shelving that exposes your kitchen accessories may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s a great storage solution for small spaces! This trend is perfect for the rustic industrial effect!




Beckermann LivingKitchen 2015

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Living kitchen

For almost 120 years now, Beckermann has been building a reputation in manufacturing customised kitchens that are tailored to meet its customer wishes.  So it comes as no surprise now after a resent refurbishment of their production lines and massive investments over the last few years, that Beckermann is now in the right place to make even more possibilities available.

With the complete refurbishment of production and its major investment, Beckermann has become more automated in design for flexible, made to measure kitchen furniture. In addition, it is also now supplemented by a brand new painting line that’s integrated with its production to increase a greater trend for more personalised colouring.

This now means kitchens are more adaptable and personal to the clients terms providing more flexibility and outstanding prices , with out compromise to its quality.

During LivingKitchen Beckermann proved the niche market for kitchen products and design is now more available and feasible for the daily busness designs.

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The Galleon shower update

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This all-in-one shower solution provides the luxury of multi-function showering in one product – so there’s no need to wade through a sea of shower valves, slide rail kits, fixed heads and body jets.

With a contemporary brushed stainless steel finish and soft curved design, the Galleon shower features an overhead shower, body jets and handset – so it’s ideal for all the family. It also features thermostatic anti-scald protection for your peace of mind. The Galleon is easy to operate, with one control for the temperature and one control to turn on, off and divert to the different shower options.


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Bauhaus New Year Launches

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Crosswater sister company Bauhaus has launched the New Year with three new, unique shapes added to their fine fire clay gallery basin collection.

 The Gallery collection was originally introduced in 2014 with favourites such as Leaf, Surf and Serene, which is also available in a precious platinum finish.

Bauhaus Commercial Manager Marten Baker comments on the new additions, “We really wanted to push the boundaries of ceramic technology to come up with brilliant designs that work well within the bathroom.


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Traditional style provides a homey refuge away from the bright lights and hard edges of the modern world, full of soft curves, lustrous wood and warmth that inform you of visits with family. Never cutting-edge, never cold, but always classic warmth.

Take on board these key design considerations





The colours of a tralatitious room wrap you in a comforting hug. Shun extreme brights, darks and colours that could be considered contemporary (save your fuchsia throw for another room). And while you want bold contrast in a modern room, a Traditional Kitchen and bathroom room calls for a uncreased melding of whatever colours you choose.

Cover your floor with traditional tiles or wooden flooring, they provide color and texture, and connect your floor to the overhead elements. Chose graceful curves, and give careful attention to detail ensure finishing’s are in brass, iron, or another metal that evokes ageless beauty.


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Bring your bathroom or Kitchen into the 21st century. Achieve the look and performance of a super-sleek boutique room in your own home by following some simple design rules and investing in luxury fittings and high-tech gadgets. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art wet room or an über-modern en Kitchen, the ultimate on-trend is within your reach.

Take on board these key design considerations





Contemporary and ultra-minimalist are at the top of the list when it comes to nailing this look in your room. Steal ideas from boutique Magazines, where darker colours are used to add a feeling of opulence. Look for furniture in sleek, dark wood, and go for feature walls of dark tiles – these will create those all-important sharp lines when contrasted with the crisp white of the fittings. Glossy finishes are a must – include glass, lacquer and polished tiles to add a sense of sleek luxury. Generous expanses of tiles will make the room feel clean and modern. Large format tiles give a high-end look – choose grout to match the tiles for a seamless effect.


The latest room gadgets can create a multi-functional room that’s hard to beat. From improving the performance of your fittings – wellness products, demisting mirrors and digital water control (imagine controlling your water and temperature wirelessly with an App) – to the most up-to-the-minute audio and visual equipment, these elements are all designed to raise your experience to another level.

Concealed speakers can stream music directly into your room for a slick feel (connected to your WiFi for music from your computer, the internet or your phone), and an integrated TV means you can catch up with the morning news or latest shows.


When it comes to the fittings you choose, the right selection is critical to making sure your room ticks all the trend boxes.
For a minimalist look that will also maximise the feeling of space in the room, keep fittings off the floor. As in the design showed in deluxe magazines, every detail counts, so carry your room’s look thought-out to included all accessories and small almost unnoticed details. Go for the highest-quality and latest designing technology to complement the razor-sharp styling throughout the space.


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Create an elegant bathroom or kitchen that makes it easy to relax, and feel completely at home. Inspired by the luxurious offerings designed by professionals for the world’s most exclusive hotels and venues, this premium look is about a room that will impress on all levels.

Design your room  around these key rules:






When designing a super-deluxe bathroom or kitchen that fulfils your every need, luxury materials are essential. Materials such as stone and solid wood have a rich, natural beauty that will add a sense of sophistication to any room. Marble, limestone and travertine are popular choices in high-end bathrooms and kitchens because of their quality – use stone on floors or walls for a refined look or clad walls and the floor in the same stone for a seamlessly chic finish.

Furniture pieces in solid wood or white gloss have timeless appeal. For a bespoke solution that makes the best use of every last inch of available space, invest in built-in rather than freestanding furniture so that the finished design is smart and unified.

Performance is everything when selecting the fittings, so it’s vital to include all functionality. For bathrooms this will mean install both bath and shower while for kitchen this means install and making available all cooking devices and appliances.  In good-sized rooms, make the room all about a statement freestanding, ideally located centrally in the design. Streamlined, contemporary designs work well in a lavish space,  go for the biggest possible, and make it double-functional to boost its potential.

Consider the design right down to the smallest detail to maximise the levels of comfort and wellbeing the space can offer. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature – underfloor heating is an intelligent choice, especially with stone tiles that can feel cold underfoot. Plan the room’s lighting thoroughly – it should be versatile to meet the room’s different uses. Include options such as dimmable switches so the lights can be lowered for an indulging evening, and cabinets with built-in lighting.

Look out for soft-close options on cabinets and drawers and accessorise the space to make every task as easy as it can be.  Focus every aspect of the room’s design on the user’s experience and you will create the ultimate luxury in your home.

wet room bath

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